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Christopher Morini Jr.


Lights! Camera! Action!

Christopher Morini Jr. is a professional in multiple fields and knows his craft. Having graduated Full Sail University once in 2005 with his degree in Film & TV Production, and moving to NYC 8 days after graduation at the age of 20, with no place to stay, no job, and a dwindling bank account, he would wind up staying 17 years gaining a very diverse career. He would later acquire a Bachelor's of Science in Marketing from Full Sail again in 2011.

Blue Sunglass Productions began to materialize by teaching middle school students in Sanford Florida. During the winter of 2020, the graduating class of 2022 & their instructor Christopher Morini embarked on the genesis of a totally new offering. A TV Production Class for grades 6 through 8. That grade restriction lasted only weeks before demand took shape and began incorporating the lower grades as their interest skyrocketed by not only the students, but faculty and parents alike.


Once his class graduated in the summer of 2022 Christopher was faced with a dilemma. Already having accepting a freelance position at Orange County Orange TV, Christopher began making phone calls. He simply couldn't be in two places at once. He reluctantly would resign from his teaching position and invest his time and energy back into the Television industry. But most importantly his graduated students.


In the summer of 2022 Christopher selected five of his best TV students and formed the crew he would called Blue Sunglass Productions. 


What was next? DISNEY! Not the theme park, but working with ESPN & CBS one weekend. His kids were well prepared! They didn't bat an eye to the 15 hour day they were working. Naturally being teenagers they slept. AND SLEPT.


Inspired and looking at the students he taught now as his crew, it was then Blue Sunglass was established.  


In partnerships with Orange TV (in which he does not compete with), Full Sail University, and his very own teenage mentor & TV Production Teacher from West Orange High School in 2002 (who also works for WESH Channel 2 in Orlando) Tim Blaszczyk, the journey has just began and the future is bright!



Full Sail University


Full Sail University

Associates of Science in Film & Video Production

Bachelors of Science in Marketing

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